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Throw Fire is the Energy Builder for the Fire powerset. The first shot has a 0.47 second activate time and each subsequent shot has a 0.3 activate time.


Throw Fire throws small balls of fire at your target.


  • Single target fire damage.
  • Generates energy
  • First shot has a 20% chance to apply Clinging Flames to targets, dealing Fire damage over time to the target and possibly leaping to other foes.
  • Clinging Flames is a type of Burning Effect.


Burning Desire[]

+Gives your Throw Fire power a chance to chain to an additional target. This second shot does not generate energy, but has a chance to apply Clinging Flames.

Fuel My Fire[]

+Grants Throw Fire a chance to apply Clinging Flames to your target on every attack and increases the chance to apply Clinging Flames with the initial double handed attack.

Accelerated Metabolism[]

+Every time you uses this ability you have a chance to return a small amount of energy. +This effect can only occur once every 15 seconds even if you have this advantage on multiple powers.

Associated Archetypes[]