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Mission given in Canadian Wilderness by Richard Davenport ( -2671 / 52 / -1289 )

Appropriate Level: 25

Complete mission by speaking to Lt. Diefenbaker (-2604 / 33 / 2529 )

Mission Briefing[]

The Speckled Silver-Back Snow Thrush has only been seen in the wild in this area of Canada. The only evidence of its existence are some grainy photos that are owned by the Argent Coporation. I've made repeated requests to do a study in the sanctuary, but they have all been denied.

Well, no more! I took it upon myself to further investigate ornithlogical science. I planted automatic cameras around the sanctuary, but i have not been able to recover any pictures. Those Argent goons chased me out of there and were none too gentle. Can you recover the disks from those cameras? Science demands it! The cameras are located near the pipeline to the North of the Argent Facility.


Davenport placed motion-sensitive cameras near likely Snow Thrush habitats. Retreive the memory cards from 6 of them. They can be found in the Snow Thrush Sanctuary to the west.

Retrieve Camera Memory Cards

  • Retrieve Memory Disks (6/6)
  • Return the Disks to Davenport ( -2671 / 52 / -1289 )

Return to Lt. Diefenbaker

You will receive:[]

12,000 Exp
3 Resource100 29 Resource

You will be able to choose one of:[]

Ornithic Belt; Dimensional Lock; Davenport's Field Guide; Thunderbird Feather; Spirit of the Thunderbird

Important Info[]