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Mission given in Canadian Wilderness by Jason Breer ( -206 / 101 / -3562 )

Appropriate Level: 27

Complete mission by speaking to: Jason Breer ( -206 / 101 / -3562 )

Mission Briefing[]

While you were away an ARGENT patrol came by. They found my laptop while I was hiding, and took it back to their camp. And no doubt they'll have locked their network up tight so I won't be able to send my story out, too. But hey, maybe if you could get it back, you should use Hunter Patriot's network to email my story to my editor! Please, Hero! The readers of the Millennium City News will not rest until they know what's going on in these snowy Canadian backwoods


Search ARGENT camp for Jason Breer's laptop. Then take it to the Hunter-Patriot camp and finally use their computer network to email his stories to the Millenium City News. Help Jason Breer file his story by email

  • Find Breer's Laptop
  • Go to Hunter Patriot camp for Wi-Fi
  • Use Hunter-Patriot computer

Return to reporter Jason Breer

You will receive:[]

13,000 Exp
3 Resource100 99 Resource

You will be able to choose one of:[]

War Correspondent Survival Kit; Ergonomic Exercises; Fordham Chemtech Contact; Enchanted Laptop; Mystery Machine

Important Info[]