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Torn from the Sky
Level 5 Escort Mission
Zone Canada in Crisis
Mission Start Oceanica Pilot John Torn
Mission End Justiciar

I managed to survive that crazy crash landing. Now I've got to deal with these crazy monsters! Help me get to someplace safe!

- Oceanica Pilot John Torn


Help get the Oceanica Pilot John Torn back to Steelhead safely.

Accepting this mission starts an event.


On Completion[]

That was a brave thing you did, rescuing that pilot. He's been through quite an ordeal today, but thanks to you, I'm sure he'll be fine in no time.

- Justiciar


  • 2,800 Exp
  • 64 Resource


Choose One
PD Chest Armor 002a Energy Absorbing Crashsuit
PD Spearhead 001a Hunting Quiver PD Alien 001a Shag Harbor Metal
PD Items Martialartstechniques 06 V4 Tai Chi Block PD Items Mysticism Accessories 07 V5 Lucky Medallion