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Toxic Takedown
Level 12 Mission
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Team Size 2
Mission Start Lt Douglas McKenzie
Mission End Lt Douglas McKenzie

Mission Chain

Lt Douglas McKenzie
[11] Stop Corruption of the Food Chain
[11] Something Fishy

[12] Investigation Awry
[12] Toxic Takedown

[11] Assist Dr. Severisen

It seems all this toxic runoff is from some kind of aquatic super-soldier program. You've stumbled onto something huge, {name}! With soldiers like the one you described, they could be a real threat in the oceans too! We need to clean out that next and stop their program in its tracks!

- Lt Douglas McKenzie


Stop VIPER's Super-soldier program by taking out the base commander and any super-soldiers they may have created!


Mission Notes[]

In Progress[]

Were you able to shut down VIPER's super-soldier operations?

- Lt Douglas McKenzie

On Completion[]

VIPER was making aquatic soldiers to grab the Mandragalore? Woah! With that, VIPER could have held the world hostage! It's a good thing you were around to stop them, {name}. I know I'll be sleeping better tonight knowing you're keeping the world safe.

- Lt Douglas McKenzie


  • 12,000 Exp
  • 5 Resource100 55 Resource


Choose One:
SU Items Mysticism Accessories 07 V4 Argosy Charm SU Items Martialarts Torso 01 Peacekeeper Resolve
SU Items Arms Gadgets 04 V5 Steelhead Marksmanship SU Items Mysticism Accessories 02 V3 Raven's Eye


Perk Objective[]

Lore The New Pollution