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Toy Master's Apprentice
Toy Master's Apprentice
Friendly • Contact
Level 25
Zone Millennium City
Subzone Renaissance Center
Coordinates 4887, 251, -190

Hey, {name}! Watch out for Black Harlequin and his Misfit Toys! They don't play well with others.

- Toy Master's Apprentice

Toy Master's Apprentice can be found in Millennium City, there to inform heroes of the aspects that play a role in the Attack of the Misfit Toys winter event.

Event Text[]

What is The Attack of the Misfit Toys?[]

A heinous villain known as Black Harlequin has decided his latest Escapade is to ruin the holiday spirit in Millennium City! He has switched some of the presents the Toy Master has placed around the world with ones filled with dangerous and deadly attack toys.
Even worse, he's been showing up and threatening the charity workers in Millennium City who are collecting resources to buy gifts for homeless children this year!

What Are All These Presents For?[]

These presents were a gift from the Toy Master to the Heroes of the world. Hidden inside are goodies and fun treats! However, Black Harlequin decided to add some of his own special "presents" into the mix, and so some boxes now contain dangerous attack toys. Presents are hidden all over the world! If you see a box, go ahead and open it! But watch out for any unwanted gifts!

How Do I Collect The Special Winter Action Figures?[]

The Toy Master has special missions for players who would like to collect the winter action figures he's hidden in the present boxes around the world. Each action figure has three parts. Turn those parts in to the Toy Master in Ren Center in Millennium City for assembly, and you'll get a shiny new Action Figure as a gift!
The Special action figures are Winter Defender, Winter Witchcraft, Winter Kinetik, Winter Ironclad and Patriot Justiciar! There is a special prize for collecting all five of these toys!

Where Can I Donate To Charity?[]

Excellent, {name}! That's the way to get into the spirit of giving!
Charity workers have set themselves up in five locations all over Millennium city! Look for the large piles of gifts on street corners. Watch out for Black Harlequin and his latest Creation, Clarence. They've been giving everyone some trouble.