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In Champions Online, Travel Powers are abilities that allow players to move around much quicker than on foot. There are a wide variety of these in the game, allowing players to choose the travel powers that suit their character. You can obtain two travel powers, one at level 5 and another at level 35, but only one can be activated at any given time. Most travel powers increase the cost of your combative powers. Thus, you must build more energy to use the same number of attacks. It's wise to turn off travel powers in big fights if you need all the energy you can get. On the other hand, it helps to be more mobile for some encounters. Don't be shy about toggling travel powers on and off as the situation dictates.

Distortion Travel Power
  • Flight - The standard for comparison.
  • Superspeed - Fastest travel power; restricted to ground movement.
  • Teleportation - Only inertia-free travel power; requires constant reactivation.
  • Swinging - Least precise, most engaging; requires constant reactivation.
  • Jet Boots - Fastest flight; slowest acceleration, no jetpack option.
  • Earth Flight - Flight, but with a chunk of whatever you were standing on.
  • Super Jump - Slow walking, fast and high jumping; can't reach all rooftops.
  • Acrobatics - Run fast, jump high; not as fast or as high as Super Speed or Super Jump.
  • Ice Slide - Faster and harder to corner than flight; sinks downwards.
  • Tunneling - Avoid enemies - and lofty places.
  • Hover Disk - Fast, flying, color options; no shape options, worst cornering.


Currently, any travel power's advanced description includes numbers for movement rates, broken into three groups, which should represent the movement gains across the three stages of travel. However, many of the airborne powers - flight, fire flight, earth flight, ice slide, jet boots, swinging - include two sets of flight numbers. It appears the 10/20/10 numbers represent something other than visible flight speed.

-The 10/20/10 could refer to the speed regained when exiting combat