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Official Description[]

You are one with the earth and able to move through the ground with amazing speed.


+ Digs the hero into the ground
+ While underground, the hero is undetectable by enemies
+ Tunneling allows the hero to move at increased speeds
- Powers that do not self-heal cannot be used while tunneling

Cannot be Charged

Advantage - Earthen Embrace[]

While Tunneling you will gain a stack of Earthen Embrace every 3 seconds, up to 6 stacks. Earthen Embrace increases your resistance to all types of damage. These stacks will persist for a short time after you stop tunneling.

Advanced Description[]

These numbers are visible by clicking "Show advanced description" in the Power selection page, and also includes the stats which do not change from rank to rank. Note that many of the advanced details are transcribed exactly as they are in game, and may thus seem under-explained.

1 sec
4 sec activate
Targets self
2 sec recharge
NoCollision for 1 sec
10 Flight Speed for 1 sec
20 Flight Speed for 1 sec
10 Flight Speed for 1 sec
Jump Height set to 0 for 1 sec
2,114 Aggression Stealth for 1 sec
1,000 Perception Stealth for 1 sec
OnlyAffectSelf for 1 sec
Applies Earthen Embrace

Rank 1[]

30 Run Speed for 1 sec

Rank 2[]

(Requires level 20)

47 Run Speed for 1 sec

Rank 3[]

(Requires level 40)

64 Run Speed for 1 sec

Additional Information[]

Customization Options[]