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Immensely powerful dimensional overlord who seeks to conquer all dimensions so he can absorb the multiverse until only he exists. His being manifests in 888 bodies at once, of varying levels of power; his primary or "true" form, which resembles a gigantic tree and cannot move, lives at the heart of Thulkos, his native dimension.

Tyrannon the Conqueror (Champions - Villains Vol 1, Master Villains)



Approximately 500 years ago, a mortal mage attacked and merged with a mage-god, repeated the process with other mage-gods of his homeworld (Thulkos), conquering the world, killing billions, and slaughtering, consuming, imprisoning, or exiling the remaining mage-gods.

Within a century he had conquered and reshaped the rest of his home dimension. He then created dimensional gates to other universes, and sent his bodies to conquer those dimensions. After conquering hit, he would merge it with his own reality and the Thuklosian dimension's laws replaced those of the absorbed dimension.


Tyrannon has 8 "Throne Forms", each as powerful as an army. Ruling the core of Thulkos, is the Tree Throne. The seven others rule provinces of his reality or recently conquered dimensions yet to be absorbed.

The Tree Throne is a 200 ft tall Eldritch tree with heads growing like fruit from its branches. When the other Throne Forms are absorbed into the Tree Throne, it increases in size and power, becoming a 400 ft tall humanoid Eldritch tree. When using his full power, Tyrannon is able to shape a galaxy.


Tyrannon has conquered and absorbed hundreds of dimensions. Serving under each of his Throne Forms, are 10 Viceroys who guard important sites, command the military forces in his wars of conquest, or are mobile and punish those whom fail him. Under each Viceroy, are 10 Emissaries. They are the scouts and enforcers, each as powerful as a mage.

He has an army of billions, most of them using magic but some of his forces which come from the recently conquered use technology. Tyrannon dislikes technology (especially nuclear weapons), but those worlds are allowed to use technology until they are absorbed at which point the technology stops working.


Tyrannon is an arrogant blowhard. He does not rely on either cunning or knowledge to achieve his goals, nor does he believe he needs those things. In his view the only thing that matters is power, which he has.


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