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UNTIL, we meet again
Level (Variable) Mission
Zone Millennium City
Mission Start UNTIL_Agent
Mission End UNTIL Liaison Agent

Hi, (name). If you've got some time, would you head over ot the UNTIL building? Superhuman Villain activity is up globally, and the special projects are looking for some heroic volunteers to help our people tackle the issue.

The world needs you. Are you up to the job?

- UNTIL_Agent


Go inside the UNTIL building and speak with liaison agent.


  • Speak with the UNTIL agent inside UNTIL
  • Return to the UNTIL Liaison Agent

In Progress[]

Have you spoken with the liaison agent? They're inside the UNTIL building, which is south of the Champions building.

- UNTIL_Agent

On Completion[]

We're so glad you could help us, (name). Our special projects teams could use your help right now.

- UNTIL Liaison Agent



  • (Variable) Exp
  • (Variable) Resource