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UNTIL Headquarters
UNTIL Headquarters
Levels 7-10

Zone UNTIL Headquarters
Instances UNTIL Forward Base
Missions Serpent Lantern, Operation Demonflame

UNTIL Headquarters is a subzone located in Millennium City at 7075 189 -2271 directly south of the Champions building. It acts as a hub for the Adventure_Pack missions and as the headquarters for UNTIL.

UNTIL is the United Nations Tribunal on International Law. Since the 1960s, UNTIL has served the world as the UN's global police force for dealing with superhuman crime and related matters of global, regional or national security.


UNTIL agents, regular folks and superhumans alike, are highly trained and dedicated to the cause of global peace and security.


Service NPCs[]


Our sources indicate that the Supreme Serpent, the leader of VIPER, is looking for a lost magical artifact known as the Nyoka Nuru. We are not completely certain of what it will do, but we know he intends to use it to cement his control of VIPER and increase his power.


UNTIL Forward Base[]

UNTIL has been watching a VIPER complex on a small island off the coast of Africa. They've been there for some time, but in the last week or so there has been an extreme increase in activity. Major Okonkwo and her people are in need of some serious help.