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Level 13 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Project Greenskin
Mission Start Dr. Nelson Dupree
Mission End Dr. Nelson Dupree

Mission Chain

Dr. Nelson Dupree
[10] Hemoglobin of the Homunculus

[11] Gronds Have More Fun
[13] Uninhibited

[13] Bonding with a Grondling

I spent years working on my neuro-electrode inhibitor, but the synaptic calibrator was faulty, and when I used them on captured Grondlings, the stupid brutes smashed them to pieces. I know what I did wrong now, and if you can retrieve some parts from the wreckage, I'll get a functional prototype working! The Abandoned Field Research Facility is east of Project Greenskin in the southeastern area of Uranium Flats.

- Dr. Nelson Dupree


Retrieve 5 Neuron-Electrode Inhibitors pieces from the Abandoned Field Research Facility.


In Progress[]

I faced Grond once and have the scars to prove it. If I can do it, you can too. Now stop wasting time and get those neuron-electrode inhibitor parts from Abandoned Field Research Facility.

- Dr. Nelson Dupree

On Completion[]

You showed a lot of bravery going into that holding pen, {name}. I didn't want to mention it before, but Grondlings took the last hero I sent into the Abandoned Field Research Facility and twisted his spine up like a pretzel!

- Dr. Nelson Dupree


  • 6,500 Exp
  • 2 Resource100 84 Resource


You Will Also Recieve:
PO Power Replace Marts Singleice Coldheart