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Heaven's Agent Heaven's Agent 7 November 2009

Fan-Content, Part the First

When any game supports an increased level of character customization, it seems members of that game's community put more effort into their characters than they may otherwise. This was readily apparent with City of Heroes, and continues to hold true,…

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Heaven's Agent Heaven's Agent 18 September 2009

Project Nemesis

I really hope Champions Online thrives; there's been no real success among new MMORPGs recently, one title after another toppling under the weight of various issues that plagued their content and gameplay. And while one would have to be blind to den…

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Greets, and welcome to my user page! My name is David Stirm, and I began contributing to the Champions Online Wiki in September of 2009. I was granted Administrator rights shortly thereafter, and since then have worked toward the goal of making this wiki the most comprehensive source of information on Champions Online and the Champions Universe.

If you'd like to contact me, feel free to post a message on my talk page or send me an email in-game at Heaven's Agent.

About Me[]

I graduated from Great Basin College in December of 2008 with a BAS in Management in Technology. Suffice it to say, coming out of college with a business degree during a recession is not ideal. I've had little luck finding employment, and have since turned my attention back to school; I will be returning to Great Basin College for the Spring 2010 semester in order to pursue a BA in Secondary Education.

I was made aware of the development of Champions Online in February of 2009. I had played City of Heroes since its launch, but ultimately I became dissatisfied with the lore behind the game. I was left with the distinct impression that it was being built with the intent of making the Developer's work as easier as possible, rather than constructing a coherent history of events in order to define the setting. When I learned that Champions was based in a setting with over twenty years of actual history I knew I had found a new game to play.



Tellurian was a graduate student studying geology at Millennium City University when he was given the opportunity to travel to Iceland and observe the region's volcanic activity as part of a privately-funded research team. It was there that he discovered an artifact of unknown design deep in the recesses of an inactive magma chamber. The artifact has since been lost, but Tellurian's exposure to it has tied him to the earth's gravitational field, granting him super strength and the ability to manipulate gravitational forces.

Heaven's Agent[]