Faction Symbol VIPER 001

An international criminal and terrorist organization in Champions Online.


VIPER or the Venomous Imperial Party of the Eternal Reptile.

VIPER is led by the Supreme Serpent and includes several other Super Villains such as Viper X and Ripper.

VIPER Henchmen and Villains are typically soldiers and other army type occupations, such as Soldier, Squad Leader, Infiltrator, etc.

VIPER appear in all main maps in Champions Online, except for Lemuria and Vibora Bay.


VIPER's history dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, a society of explorers called the Unholy Order became fascinated with a West African cult that worshipped the snake god Nama. The Unholy Order disappeared for a time, only to reappear at times of great war, when the chance to aid governments and pursue their own secret agendas would present itself.

After World War II, the grandchildren or the original members of the Unholy Order, thirty of them to be precise, decided to reestablish the Order and it is believed that during their initial meeting, that the ancient snake god Nama instructed the thirty to build a new nest in a modern world. The thirty founders took an oath to never betray the other founders or the organization itself; as a reward for this oath, they were marked with the sign of the serpent and thus became VIPER.

VIPER Enemies Edit

Note: This is an incomplete list

Henchmen Edit




Adder Technician


Scarlet Serpent Initiate

Red Guard Knife Fighter

Air Cavalry


Psionic Supressor

Sea Serpent

Water Moccasin

Villains Edit


Squad Leader

Munitions Expert

Psionic Projector

Psionic Adept

Psionic Pummeler

Dr. Timothy Blank

Master Villains Edit

Powered Armor

Anaconda Tank

Psionic Director

Dr. Timothy Blank

Director Fang

Super Villains Edit


Electric Eel Supersoldier

VIPER Basilisk-Major




Viper X

Legendary Enemies Edit

Viper X