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The Powers of the Elder Worm
The Powers of the Elder Worm

Vengeance Journal 4: The Powers of the Elder Worm is one of several pieces of lore that contribute to the Perk The Vengeance Journals.


Vengeance Journal 4: The Powers of the Elder Worm can be discovered by examining a Journal Entry in the Mind, Inc. Headquarters, located in the City Center district of Millennium City.

Interactive Object[]

  • Journal Entry


Perk Objective[]

Lore The Vengeance Journals

Lore Entry[]

From the Journal of Denise Perkins:

My plan to kill Slug failed. I barely escaped, but if I live a thousand years, I don’t think I’ll ever forget what I saw today. Slug was transforming humans! Transforming them into Elder Worms! They had devices that could activate ancient DNA inside us. Ancient DNA that they’d implanted in to the human genetic code eons ago. I saw them do it with my own eyes when I went to confront Slug. It was horrible.

I've also had another realization.

All these years I've believed Slug was the Elder Worm responsible for killing my brother. But now, after seeing that transformation, I'm beginning to think that Slug may actually... BE... my brother.