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Veteran Rewards are Titles, Costume Pieces, and other bonuses that are earned by maintaining a subscription for a specific period of time. Lifetime subscribers are considered to have been subscribed from either the beginning of head start or the beginning of general availability of the game, this is to be decided.

Cryptic has provided a FAQ, which has been transcribed here Veteran Rewards FAQ.


At each level the player receives a new title usable by any character, an account based bonus, a costume unlock, an experience boost for any character below level 15, and a Heroic Resonance item with a recharge time that decreases at higher reward levels. Additionally upon reaching the highest level, the account gets access to Club Caprice VIP Room and associated benefits.

Rewards Table[]

Days Title Account Bonus Costume Experience Boost Heroic Resonance Cooldown
100 Stalwart Retcon Token Hammer Braces 5% 120 Minutes
200 Redoubtable Character Slot Wizard/Druid Robes 7.5% 90 Minutes
300 Dauntless Costume Slot Spartan Lion Armor 10% 75 Minutes
400 Valiant Retcon Token Epic Revelation Armor 12.5% 60 Minutes

Character Perks[]

Icon Name Objective Perk Points
Perk Stalwart Stalwart 100 Days Subscribed 0
Perk Redoubtable Redoubtable 200 Days Subscribed 0
Perk Dauntless Dauntless 300 Days Subscribed 0
Perk Valiant Valiant 400 Days Subscribed 0

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