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A superheroine working for the US Air Force.



An astronomer and Air Force combat pilot, Kristine Griswold was fortunate enough to be accepted into the US astronaut program. After years of training, she finally had the chance every astronaut dreams of — to be part of a Space Shuttle mission! The mission was going perfectly until an unpredicted, and unusually intense, burst of solar radiation bombarded the Shuttle. Kristine’s fellow astronauts seemed basically unaffected, but the strange cosmic energies had a definite effect on her. She began to feel poorly, and her temperature rose. After a day of fever, she was suddenly better, and in fact had begun to emit a strange yellowish glow. Her now-pupilless eyes glowed, too. The mission was quickly scrapped and the Shuttle returned to Earth. Scientists examining Kristine couldn’t explain exactly what happened, but their tests confirmed that she’d somehow been granted powers of energy manipulation and control. Rather than waste such a valuable asset as a simple astronaut, the American government persuaded her to become one of its “official” superhuman assets. Kristine was reluctant to become a hero at first, but she soon found she enjoyed it. As Victory (a name chosen for her by the Air Force) she could do more to help people than she ever could as an astronomer and astronaut. Even better, as her powers developed, she gained the ability to survive in space, and even to travel faster than light! She ended up with the best of both worlds. Victory’s served her country as a superhero for nearly two decades now and has worked with most other official American superheroes... and plenty of non-sanctioned ones as well when she needed to. She’s fought beside the Army in places like Afghanistan, rescued trapped space station workers, helped with the demolition or creation of federal facilities, assisted disaster victims, and stopped the crimes and schemes of numerous supervillains. The only missions she’s turned down so far are NASA’s pleas for her to go explore other solar systems and planets, since she’s worried about being unable to find her way home. Although her duties leave her with relatively little time to pursue her hobbies (horseback riding and gardening), she wouldn’t give up her life for anything.


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