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Villains, Vandals, and Vermin
Villains, Vandals, and Vermin
Author(s) Steven S. Long
Publisher Hero Games
Released June 1, 2007
Binding Paperback
Pages 133
Retail Price $26.99 (print)
$21.59 (pdf)
ISBN 10 ISBN 1583661026
ISBN 13 ISBN 9781583661024

Villains, Vandals, And Vermin introduces sixty new villains for Champions campaigns, ranging from low-powered costumed crooks to villains powerful enough to singlehandedly threaten the world. It includes:

the master villain Sunburst and his supervillainous henchmen

three villain teams: the Brain Trust, a group of strange villains led by a living brain; the Crimelords, a mercenary supervillain team; and the Tiger Squad, the official superhero team of China

over three dozen solo villains, suitable for combining into your own teams or hatching their own evil schemes

notes about how to make each villain weaker or more powerful

plot seeds for each villain

So watch your back... there are new villains out there waiting for you!

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