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Viper and the Wolf
Level 11 Mission
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone The Rime Woods
Mission Start A VIPER Distress Call
Mission End Ravenspeaker

This communicator is tuned to a distress call from a Lt. Carrier, the leader of a small VIPER patrol on the northern edge of the Rime Woods. It sounds like the patrol stole some kind of mystic artifacts from demons, and have been on the run ever since. Whatever the artifact is, it's certain that neither VIPER nor the demons should have it.


Investigate the VIPER distress signal.


On Completion[]

This is very strange. This is not any symbol of any tribe I know, human or bigfoot. Nor is it a sign common to the demons of the north. It is something else, alien to these parts. If you don't mind, I think I'm going to send this to a colleague in Millennium City. Whatever it is, it has no place here.

- Ravenspeaker


  • 5,500 Exp
  • 1 Resource100 82 Resource