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Vladic Dracul
Vladic Dracul
Race Vampire
Gender Male
Faction New Shadows
Powers Darkness

Legend claims it was his son, Vlad Tepes, and not he, who became a vampire. In truth, it was a legacy he chose, and one that his son upheld. Although the world around him has changed through the centuries, he has in many ways stayed the same. He is still a warrior, still a man of power and still determined to reshape the world in his image. His dream, now, is to create a vampire nation. Among vampires he is one of the oldest and one of the strongest; if anyone were to father a vampire nation, it would be he. However, he imagines himself far more powerful than he truly is. There are much greater powers at play than even he understands in Vibora Bay.[1]


Vladic Dracul LSI

A loading screen illustration of Vladic Dracul from Champions Online.

He wears a red version of the Dark Fantasy Armor Costume Set from the Cryptic Store.[2]