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Faction The Cobra Lords
Level 15
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Faction Symbol The Cobra Lords 001
The police are taking a lot of calls from good citizens of West Side, people who don't want to leave their house because they're afraid to get robbed by the Cobra Lords-or worse! We need to round up these biker rowdies, but we have to get some evidence first. If you can do that, we'll make sure these crumbs are brought to justice.
- Chief Surhoff -- Mission Introductory Text: How the West Side was Won: Cobra Lords

Vultures are experts when it comes to using knives in combat. Low-ranking members of the Cobra Lords, a street gang based out of West Side, in Millennium City, they can often be found in the company of other members of their gang. Vultures prefer to engage in close-combat fighting whenever possible.

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