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Will to Power
Level 8 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burning Sands
Mission Start Colonel Vanderbilt
Mission End Colonel Vanderbilt

Mission Chain

Corporal Biehn

Colonel Vanderbilt

As if we don't have problems enough with attacking Irradiates! PRIMUS Major Gertz went AWOL and assembled his own army of Irradiated troops. Radiation has eaten away at his mind, made him crazy and delusional, and convinced him that humanity needs to be exterminated. Gertz has to be stopped. Find the key on one of his officers around or on the way up the spiral compound and enter the hatch on top near the Aberrant PRIMUS Soldier camp and defeat him.

- Colonel Vanderbilt


Defeat Major Gertz in his hideout, the hatch is at top of spiral ridge.


Mission Notes[]

  • Entrance to instanced Mission Map Gertz' Bolthole can be obtained through a hatch at the top of the spiral stone formation in the Mutant PRIMUS Camp. -- (/loc -1465, 227, -1600)

In Progress[]

Major Gertz is a menace to Burning Sands. And, unfortunately, he's charismatic enough that a lot of good young men are buying into his crazed delusions. You need to put a stop to it, {name}!

- Colonel Vanderbilt

On Completion[]

Gertz has been a thorn in my side for too long, friend. Thank you for stopping him, on behalf of Project Greenskin and the brave soldiers of PRIMUS!

- Colonel Vanderbilt


  • 4,100 Exp
  • 68 Resource


Choose One:
PU Helmet 004a Ironwill Headgear PU Mission Science Sample V13 Cyberline Treatment
PU Visor 002a Gertz's Nightvision Goggles PU Helmet 003a Vanderbilt's Thermal Imager
PU Pouch Hip 001a PRIMUS Multitool PO Mission Syringe V04 Mutagenic Infection


Perk Objective[]