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Word of the Weasel
Level 16 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Mission Start Chief Surhoff
Mission End Chief Surhoff

Mission Chain

Chief Surhoff


I'm trying to run down information on the escalating Westside gang war, but all my usual informers have gone into hiding. Leo's Bar is always a good place to pick up underworld gossip, as long as you are properly disguised. But if anybody even suspects you are a superhero, you'll be lucky to get out of there alive. Look for Albert Tudberry, "Albert the Weasel," as he's sometimes called. He's particularly loquacious once he gets a drink or two in him. You know where Leo's Bar is, right? It's just Southeast of the city jail.

- Chief Surhoff


Use holo-inducer device to disguise yourself in order to get into Leo's Bar and talk to Albert "The Weasel" Tudberry.


Mission Notes[]

In Progress[]

Did you talk to Tudberry yet? Man, once you get a drink or two in that guy, he's more than happy to gab about any and every dirty deed going on around town. Just make sure you use a holo-inducer to disguise yourself before you go into Leo's because that place has a rough crowd!

- Chief Surhoff

NPC Rendezvous[]

Hey you! I won't just talk to anyone these days, but if you get me a drink I might have a good bit of gossip for you.

- Albert "The Weasel" Tudberry -- Upon Meeting

Man, I love this stuff. Hey, have I got some gossip for you, my friend.

Mercenary gadgeteer Walon Talos has been hired by Kevin Poe to make weapons for the New Purple Gang, as part of Poe's plan for the New Purple Gang to take over the city and topple PSI. The way I hear it, Talos is making faulty weapons for rival gang Cobra Lords, too.

Ha! I wish I could see the look on those Cobra Lords when their guns blow up in their hands. I just hope no nosy hero comes along to destroy those weapons before they get into the street and people gets hurt!

- Albert "The Weasel" Tudberry -- After Giving Tudberry a Drink

On Completion[]

Hmm, leave it to Kevin Poe to try to put faulty weapons into the hands of his enemies, so he can get the upper hand in the Westside gang war. That guy is a real menace to society, and I'd like to lock away every last one of the New Purple Gang and throw away the key!

- Chief Surhoff


  • 7,900 Exp
  • 4 Resource100 1 Resource


Perk Objective[]

Lore Purple With Rage