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Wind-controlling supervillainess.



Angela Charles comes from a family that never exactly embraced wholesome American values. Her great-grandfather was an outlaw in the Old West, her grandfather a bootlegger working for the Irish mob in Boston during Prohibition, and her father a con artist, burglar, and smuggler. He started to bring Angela along on his burglary jobs when she was only eight years old — a child can fit through windows too small for a grown man — and used her in his grifting schemes, too. It was an interesting education, and a lot more fun than school. When Angela found out she was a mutant, with the power to control the air, her father knew they had it made. They didn’t have to bother scaling walls anymore; she could fly them both up to the roof, where there were always fewer security systems to bypass. They could carry more loot. And if they had to make a quick getaway, it’s hard to beat being able to fly at hundreds of miles per hour. Everything was going perfectly — until they walked into a police ambush. When they tried to get away, the police opened fire. Angela’s powers protected her, but she didn’t act quickly enough to get in front of her father, and he was hit several times. She rushed him to an underworld doctor, but it was too late. He died on the makeshift operating table. Filled with cold fury, Angela flew to the precinct house and demolished it with tornadoes and wind-blasts. Then she soared off into the night to begin her own criminal career. Since then Zephyr’s become a well-known member of the supervillain community with a certain degree of quirky popularity due to her good looks. More importantly to her, as the years have passed not only has her control of air and wind strengthened, but to her surprise she’s developed a small amount of control over two of the other classical elements: earth and fire. She’s worked hard to improve those abilities and develop new ones, though they’ve yet to come close to matching her air powers. She figures it’s only a matter of time before she manifests a water power as well. She’s done her best to keep these new abilities secret; her new powers are not public knowledge


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